The ReLAY Institute (ReLAY) is an essential resource for those who serve opportunity youth in Los Angeles and the surrounding area. A collaboration between five Cal State Universities, known as the CSU5, ReLAY is designed to engage and foster the significant combined resources of partnering institutions. Such collective resources include research, instructional design, and innovative thinking.

Using these diverse assets, ReLAY helps organizations refine their standards of practice and prepare for complex work with opportunity youth or those who are:

  • Foster Youth – Ages 14 to 24
  • Homeless Youth – Ages 16 to 24
  • Juvenile and Criminal Justice System – Ages 16 to 24
  • Youth Who have Dropped Out of School – Ages 16 to 24

ReLAY also supports organizations in the development of new competencies, such as practitioner training and youth outreach. Many, upon working with ReLAY, emerge as thought leaders in their fields, known for excellence in thinking and practice.

In addition to its efforts with service providers, ReLAY works closely with L.A. City and County leaders to rethink the region’s approach to opportunity youth development and care.

How ReLAY Works:

Research and Education Focused on Impacting Practice: ReLAY is working with many in Los Angeles, including city and county officials, to craft broad plans for the future of opportunity youth. Based on these partnerships and conversations, ReLAY is researching and developing strategies specific to regional needs. This includes timely and effective interventions for youth across a wide spectrum.

ReLAY is also expanding its programs to include more on-demand content. For example: If a senior professional takes one of our programs, his or her team could later access much of the same content, providing a powerful shared learning experience.

The Place to Go: Through its website, ReLAY is building a one-stop resource for those who serve opportunity youth. The website includes a list of the institute’s primary resources and programs, as well as research reports, scholarly articles, and helpful links for service providers.

Just Ask: ReLAY can also provide more narrowly focused training and research upon request (custom designed and/or custom delivered). Just ask us. Wondering if ReLAY and/or the CSU5 can help with a challenge you’re facing? Again, just ask. We’re here for you.

Contact the academic director of The CSU5 ReLAY Institute, Henrik Palasani-Minassians, Ph.D., at henrik.minassians@csun.edu